Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ETC team qualification tournament

Hi I’m Pete.

I’m a hardcore tournament player in Finland.  I was challenged to take part in a ETC team qualification tournament that had all the Champions of Finland: 16 of the most ferocious mercenaries and warriors from all over this brute nation, bent on merciless destruction and conquest. 

I wanted to show something that no one has seen before. I am a sworn Chaos player. So I made my army of Iron Warriors and Imperial Guard traitors.  This is my list. The list was forged in blood and tempered in battle. But I sill did not have any test games with this list. So I went to the most difficult tournament in my life whit a list that I had not tested. 

Here it is:

PLAYER : Petri Immonen
PRIMARY DETACHMENT : Chaos Space Marines

HQ1 : Chaos Lord (65) veterans of the long war (5) mark of Khorne (10) 
Juggernaut of Khorne (35) axe of blind fury (35) sigil of corruption 25p melta bombs (5) (10) [180]

Troop1 : Chaos Space marines (75) 5 additional Chaos Space Marines (5*13) 1 flamer (5) 
1 meltagun (10) [155]
Troop2 : Chaos Space marines (75) 5 additional Chaos Space Marines (5*13) 1 flamer (5)  
1 meltagun (10) [155]

Fast1 : Chaos Spawn (30) 4 additional Chaos Spawn (120) [150]
Fast2 : Heldrake, baleflamer [170]
Fast3 : Heldrake, baleflamer [170]

HS1 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]
HS2 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]
HS3 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]

Dedicated Transport:
Troop1 : Chaos Rhino (35) Dirge Caster (5) [40]
Troop2 : Chaos Rhino (35) Dirge Caster (5) [40]

HQ1: Company Command Squad (50) autocannon (10) officer of the fleet (30) [90] 

Troops1: Platoon Command Squad (30) ) autocannon (10) [40] 
Troops2: Guard Squad (50) autocannon (10) [60] 
Troops3: Guard Squad (50) autocannon (10) [60] 

Elite3: Guardsman Marbo [65] 

Fast1: Vendetta [130] 

TOTAL : [1850]

The only good thing in this tournament was that I can see the army list of all the other players. But then I had to plan my strategy against every one and this was difficult. 

Game one: Baptism of Fire

Mission: The Crusade - Vanguard Setrike
The Crusade with 4:llä objectivs and they are placed in the middle of every quarter. Secondary Objectives Slay The Warlord, First Blood and Line Breaker.
every Objective is 3 VP, Secondary 1 VP.

My opponent, who won the tournament:

Player: Manfred Manström


HQ1: Grand Master (175) Psychotroke Grenades (15) Blind Grenades (5) Warlord [195]
HQ2: Coteaz Divination [100]

Troop1: 2 Warrior Acolytes (8) 2 Flamers (20) 1 Banisher (15) [43]
Troop2: 2 Warrior Acolytes (8) 2 Flamers (20) 1 Banisher (15) [43]
Troop3: 3 Warrior Acolytes [12]
Troop4: 3 Warrior Acolytes [12]
Troop5: 3 Warrior Acolytes [12]
Troop6: 3 Warrior Acolytes [12]

Elite1: Paladin Squad (55) 9 Additional Paladins (495) 4 Psycannons (80) Brotherhood Banner (25) 3 Daemon Hammers (0) 5 Halberds (0) 1 Sword (0) [655]

Fast1: Stormraven Gunship (205) Twin-Linked Multi-Melta (0) Twin-Linked Assault Cannon (0) Hurricane Bolters (30) Psybolt Ammunition (20) Searchlight (1) [256]
Fast2: Stormraven Gunship (205) Twin-Linked Multi-Melta (0) Twin-Linked Assault Cannon (0) Hurricane Bolters (30) Psybolt Ammunition (20) [255]
Fast3: Stormraven Gunship (205) Twin-Linked Multi-Melta (0) Twin-Linked Assault Cannon (0) Hurricane Bolters (30) Psybolt Ammunition (20) [255]

Total: 1850

Manfred gave me the first turn. He placed his Paladin squad with Cotaz and the Grand Master behind impassable terrain, and one Warrior unit on another impassable terrain. 

 I deployed my army in a left hook formation. Left hook was IG unit Havoc and Command squad.  

Turn one. The main army stayed in the middle and was waiting for the Paladins and air craft. 
He came out and killed an IG unit from the middle and got first blood. But now I had him in the open. 

Turn two. I got two of my Air Craft on the table but I had no need for them, so I fly to reserve. I moved my Spawn Lord unit to fight the Paladins and gave fire support from all my units. Three paladins bite the dust and I charged in. I was no match for them, but I had to try.
His halberd killed all my spawns with force powers, and my lord was left alone. The Lord killed all the Halberdiers. Manfred made a mistake with his pile-in move, and his hammers cold not strike. So now I had another go at them. Two of his Stormravens came. and they killed one IG unit on the Left Hook. The Lord fought and killed two Paladins and died from the hammers. Manfred  got Slay the Warlord. 

Turn three. I got my Heldrake Air Craft number one does a Vector Strike and kills a Raven. Rhino Marines went to the Right side to take the objective.
Banisher raven was shot down with auto cannon fire. Some survivors on the ground. Heldrake number two tried to burn the warriors, but could kill only two. I fired some auto cannons at the Paladins and killed one. Paladins move to the center and shoot the rhino on the right. Marines come out. Raven shoots down Heldrake 2. 

Turn four. Marbo, Rhino and Vendetta are on the table. Marbo cant come near Coteaz… He’s expecting me. Marbo shot a warrior with his pistol. Warrior saved by cover. Vendetta fires at Raven number 3, takes two hull points and damage to engines. Raven flies out, Paladins Charge Marbo. Marbo died.

Turn five. Every thing is going to hell. Heldrake 2 burns a Warrior unit. Auto cannons shot warriors all around. Marines shot his Paladins with no effect. I Have one and he gets one. He gets Slay The Warlord, First Blood and Line Breaker. I lose 4/16

Game Two. Back in Black 

Mission: Purge The Alien-Dawn of War
Secondary Objectives Slay The Warlord, First Blood ja Line Breaker. 
Kill Point is 1 VP Secondary 1 VP.

Player: Jeppe Jönsson

Space Wolves

HQ1: Rune Priest [100pts]
Troop1: 10 Grey Hunters(150), 2 x Plasma gun(10), Wolf Standard(10). [170pts] in transport1
Troop1: 10 Grey Hunters(150), 2 x Plasma gun(10), Wolf Standard(10), power axe(15). [185pts] in transport2
Troop1: 10 Grey Hunters(150), 2 x Flamer(10), Wolf Standard(10), Power axe(15). [175pts] in transport3
Troop1: 10 Grey Hunters(150), 2 x Meltagun(10), Wolf Standard(10), Power axe(15). [180pts]
HS1: Vindicator(115), Siege shield(10). [125pts]
HS2: Vindicator(115), Siege shield(10). [125pts]
HS3: Land Raider Redeemer(240), Multi-melta(10), Extra armor(15). [265pts]

Dark Angels
HQ1: Belial(130), TH/SS(0). [130pts]
Troop1: Deathwing terminator squad(215)
Apothecary with TH/SS(30)
Standard bearer with TH/SS(25)
Terminator with TH/SS(0)
Sergeant with TH/SS (0)
Terminator with CML, TH/SS(20). [290pts]

Transport1: Rhino[35pts]
Transport2: Rhino[35pts]
Transport3: Rhino[35pts]

Total 1850pts

This game I had a good plan and some tricks planted. I need to kill the Vindicator and Landraider.

I made Jeppe  go first. Jeppe  deployed in Panzer battalion formation: Vindicators and Lanraider in the front and rhinos in the back. I deployed Havocks in the center and on the right, and an IG Blob on the left. Spawn Lord was behind impassable terrain.

First Turn. Jeppe  drives 12 inches and pops smoke on vindicators. Death wing comes in to the center.  
I moved spawn lords and rhinos closer to the impassable terrain. The Havocs shot his Vindicator did one point of hull damage.

Turn two. Vindicators move and shoot the havocs killing two and two. One fails a morale test and goes home. He gets First blood. Terminators try to get Havocs on the right. Landraider drops marines and Librarian in front of the Spawn lord's unit and shoots. One Spawn died, and the marines charge to the Spawn Lord unit. The unit was butchered, though some of them remained. And he made a big mistake. We call it the Kuha ansa, the Pike-Perch trap.  I got all my reserves. I vector strike one Vindicator, the other Vectors strike something, I don't remember what. Havoc on the right starts running from the terminators and pulls them far away from the action. My Rhino drives close to the Redeemer and shoots melta. Melta makes immobilised result on the Landraider. Havocs in the middle shoot the Rhino. Vendetta shoots the other Rhino. Marbo throws a demo charge on the Vindicator, the Rhino and the Marines all died! Heldrakes flame some marines. Spawn lord unit kills the marines and Librarian gets Slay the Warlord.

Turn three. Marines try to kill Marbo. Marbo goes to the ground and saves them all, and the marines fail to charge. The Terminators give up the chase for the Havocs and go to the middle. My Rhino was wrecked. The Marines dial out. I move to charge range with the spawn lord to fight the Terminators. My marines come out from Rhino 2 and rapid fire the Terminators killing one. The Havocs shoot the Terminators killing one. IG Blob Shoots some left over Marines. Helldrakes vector and burn. Vendetta shoots Landraider. Spawn lord unit charges, and wins the challenge. Spawns kill one Terminator. Spawn unit dies. 
Turn Four. Lord kills one Terminator and dies. Marbo tries to blow the landraider with a melta bomb. And fails. Shooting some marines. The Marines and Havoc shoot the Terminator. 

Turn Five. Marbo died. Marines assaulted him. I burn the marines and kill all but the Landraider. I win 15/5 

Game Three: The Flood

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire-Hammer and Anvil
BGNT 4 objectives 2 are in in the both are in the middle of the deployment zones two are on the middle 12” appart 12” from the edges
 Objectives on 3 VP. Heavy Support 1 VP.

PLAYER NAME: Alex Notepad
HQ1: Big Mek (35), kustom force field (50), warlord = [85pts]
ELITE1: 9 Lootas (9*15) = [135pts]
ELITE2: 9 Lootas (9*15) = [135pts]
ELITE3: 9 Lootas (9*15) = [135pts]
TROOPS1: 28 Ork Boyz (28*6), shootas (0), 2 big shootas (2*5) = [178pts]
TROOPS2: 28 Ork Boyz (28*6), shootas (0), 2 big shootas (2*5) = [178pts]
TROOPS3: 28 Ork Boyz (28*6), shootas (0), 2 big shootas (2*5) = [178pts]
TROOPS4: 28 Ork Boyz (28*6), shootas (0), big shoota (5) = [173pts]
TROOPS5: 10 gretchin (10*3), runtherd (10) = [40pts]
TROOPS6: 10 gretchin (10*3), runtherd (10) = [40pts]
HS1: 3 Big Gunz (3*20), lobbas (3*5), 3 ammorunts (3*3) = [84pts]
HS2: 3 Big Gunz (3*20), lobbas (3*5), 3 ammorunts (3*3) = [84pts]
SECONDARY DETACHMENT: Codex Eldar (desperate allies)
HQ1: Eldrad Ulthran (210) = [210pts]
TROOP1: 5 Eldar Rangers (5*19) = [95pts]
Aegis Defence Line (50), quad gun (50) = [100pts]
TOTAL = [1850pts]

He Starts. He deploys his Ork Lootas in the Aegis, and his Lobbas are in the middle behind the Aegis. I deploy Havocs on top of a building on my deployment. I also deploy an IG blob in the middle, as well as a Spawn Lord and Rhinos behind a building on the left planning a push. He redeploys some Lootas--that’s not fair so I steal the first turn. I started the push. Havocs shot the redeployed Lootas and they went to the ground. All Havocs shot his Lobba unit and did some damage. IG Shoots auto cannons at the Lobbas. He shoots two spawns with his Lobbas.

Turn two. I move Spawn Lord and Rhinos to charge range. The Heldrakes come and burn lots of Orks at the Aegis tried to intercept. IG starts the push in the middle and shoots some Orks. The Havocs give cover fire and shoot his Lootas. His Lootas burn and go to the ground. Marines come out from their Rhinos and start mowing down Orks. Spawn Lord charges some Orks. The Orks can't over watch because the Rhino's dirge caster is too close. 
The Spawns and Lord do crazy damage and kill the unit. The Orks shoot the Spawn Lord unit. The Orks charge the Spawn Lord unit and the marine unit. The Lord kills nine. The Spawns have died, and the Marines took heavy damage. 

Turn Three. The Heldrakes vector strike and burn the Orks. IG pushes to the middle and shoots Aegis quad gun. The gun is history. My Havocs shoot his Lobba unit. The Lobba unit flees. One Marine unit embarks on a Rhino. The Rhino drives back to the middle. The Lord dies fighting Marines. His Orks start pushing to the middle. Referee says next round is the last. 

Turn Four. I rush to objectives with Marines and IG rapid firing. Vendetta shoots the Lobba unit, and Marbo comes out form the Orks' Aegis and drops the load on the Lobba. The Orks Concentrate all fire on the Marines at the objective; they fail morale and the game ended. I say Orks stole the objective with time and knowing that there is no next round. But shit happens. I lose 7/13 

Next day fourth game:  Uniting the Old and the New.

Mission: The Scouring-Vanguard Strike
The Scouring 6: objectives normal role bock style 
Objectives 2 VP Fast Attack 1 VP. 

Olof is an ETC veteran. But his army is old school. Besides, I have everything!

Player: Olof Orm


HQ 1 : Rune Priest (100), Runic Weapon (0), Living Lightning (0), Jaws of the world wolf (0) [100 pts]
Elite 1 : 10 Wolf guard (10*18), 3 combimelta (3*5), 2 combiflamer (2*5) 4 Terminator armour(4*15), Ass.Cannon(30), Cyclone (30), Wolf Claw(5), P.Fist (10) [340pts]
- Terminator/Cyclone
- Terminator/Assault Cannon/Wolf Claw
- Terminator/Power fist
- Terminator
- 3*Combi melta/bolt pistol
- 2*Combi flamer/bolt pistol
- Bolt pistol/ccw
Elite 2: Dreadnought (105), Assault cannon (0), Twin autocannon (10) [115]
Elite 3: Dreadnought (105), Assault cannon (0), Twin autocannon (10) [115]
Troop 1 : 10 Grey hunters (10*15), flamer(0), meltagun (0), wolf standard (10), Mark of wulfen (15) [175]
Troop 2 : 10 Grey hunters (10*15), flamer(0), meltagun (0), wolf standard (10), Power axe (15) [175]
Troop 3 : 5 Grey hunters (5*15), Meltagun (5) [80]
Troop 4 : 5 Grey hunters (5*15), Meltagun (5) [80]
Troop 5 : 5 Grey hunters (5*15), Meltagun (5) [80]
Fast 1: Land Speeder (50), Multimelta (10), Heavy flamer(10) [70]
Fast 2: Land Speeder (50), Heavy bolter(0), Multimelta (20) [70]
HS1: 6 Long fangs (6*15), 3 missile launchers (3*10), 2 Heavy bolters (2*5) [130]
HS2: 5 Long fangs (5*15), 4 missile launchers (4*10) [115]
HS3: Predator (60), Autocannon (0), Heavy bolters (25) [85]
Transport1 : Razorback (40), Twin heavy bolter (0) (Troop 3) [40]
Transport2 : Razorback (40), Twin heavy bolter (0) (Troop 4) [40]
Transport3 : Razorback (40), Twin heavy bolter (0) (Troop 5) [40]

TOTAL [1850 pts]
Olof Starts. We have night fight. I got d3 infiltrate. He deploys every where. I deploy auto cannons in some ruins and to the right. IG blob is in a forest. Spawn Lord unit and Rhinos are in the ruin. I infiltrate one Havoc unit to the right flank behind some impassable terrain.

First turn. Olof starts pushing hard on the middle and Left. Not much damage, as the night gives cover and he used searchlight on all his Razorbacks and his Predator. I moved Rhino1 and the Spawn Lord unit to the right flank and Rhino 2 to the middle. I returned fire on the lighted units and kill Razor 1, Razor 2 takes 2 hull points and lost its weapon. Predator takes snap side shots from infiltrators and gets two hull damage points.

Turn two: Right flank gets attacked by Gray Hunters. Rhino 1 is immobilised and lost two hull points, so the marines stay inside. The Spawn Lord unit takes some shots. The  Marines in the middle take a ton of damage, there were only 4 left. The Gray hunters charge in the middle. On the left flank, the Spawns get shot and Rhino1 is wrecked. The Gray Hunters assault the wrecked Marines.

On the left flank, Infiltrator Havocs die from 6 bolter shots… Nice shooting Tex. 
I got Heldrake1 and Vendetta. Heldrake1 vectors the Dreadnought, no damage but manages to burn some Marines. The Vendetta shoots the Predator, and the Predator is dead. The Spawn unit goes around the immobilised Rhino and fails multi assault. The Marines from Rhino 2 come out and rapid fire Razor 1. Two Gray hunters die. The auto cannons shoot Razor 3, some Long Fangs and Dreadnoughts. Then Razor 3 is dead, and the Long Fangs lost all missiles. 

Turn Three. Dreadnoughts push in the middle. Wolf Guards and Marines push on the right flank. The IG Blob gets shot. Wolf Guards fail the assault.
I get Helldrake 2. Heldrake 1 and 2 vector strike some marines and burn them. Vendetta shoots the Marine leftovers on the right flank. The Spawn Lord gets to assault, and butchers the Terminator Wolf Guard, and then the Spawn gets killed. IG shoots the Wolf Guard unit and kills two of them. The IG Command squad shoots a Dreadnought and it blows. The Havocs shoot Wolf Guards.

Turn Four. Dreadnought pushes up the middle. Wolf Guards push on the right flank. Wolf Guards fail the assault. On the left, some Gray Hunters get butchered by the Lord and flee. Some Marines fight some Gray Hunters in combat, slow and steady. 
The Long Fangs shoot Heldrake 2 and hit it with a missile, Heldrake 2 crashes and burns. 

I get Marbo! Marbo throws the bomb and blows a land speeder and two marines. Heldrake 1 and the Vendetta go to hover mode. Heldrake 1 burns the Long Fangs and the Vendetta shoots Land Speeder 2. The IG rush to the middle, and auto cannons shoot the dreadnought with no effect. The Lord kills the fleeing unit.

Turn five. The Long Fang's Sergeant throws a grenade at the Vendetta and assaults. The Vendetta lost 2 hull points and one Las cannon. The Dreadnought assaults. The Vendetta shoots some Marines on an objective--now they don’t have it! Heldrake 1 zooms to an objective. The Lord assaults the Marines/Gray Hunter combat on the left flank, and kills all the Gray Hunters. Marbo shoots his pistol and assaults a Marine. I get 4 Objectives, War Lord, First blood and Line Breaker. I get 19/1 

Last game. The show 

Mission: The Emperor’s Will & Relic-Dawn of War
The Relic -marker Will -objective, Norma role book stuff. 
Secondary Slay the Warlord, First Blood and
Line Breaker. Objective 4 VP Secondary 1 VP.

Alfred von Stache. I have played with him a few times and I always lose. He is the IG specialist, but I'm the Demon Specialist. And he says that Marbo is shit!

Player: Alfred von Stache

Primary detachment: IG

HQ: Company command squad [50] 4x plasma gun [4x15] carapace armour [20] (130)
Troop1.1: Platoon command squad [30] 4x flamer [4x5] melta bomb [5] (55)
Troop1.2: Infantry squad (50)
Troop1.3: Infantry squad (50)
Troop1.4: Special weapon squad [35] 3x flamer [3x5] (50)
Troop2: Veteran squad [70] 3x flamer [3x5] (85)
FA1: Vendetta Kari [130] heavy bolter sponsons [10] (140)
FA2: Vendetta Jari [130] heavy bolter sponsons [10] (140)
FA3: Vendetta Lari [130] heavy bolter sponsons [10] (140)

Secondary detachment: Daemons

HQ: Kairos Fateweaver (333)
Elite: 9 Flamer [9x23] (207)
Troop1: 5 Plaguebearer [5x15] (75)
Troop2: 5 Plaguebearer [5x15] (75)
FA: 9 Screamer [9x25] (225)

Fortification: Bastion [75] coms relay [20] (95)

Total: 1850

I Start. I put my base on the right corner, where there is a big ruin, Rhino1 and 2 in the middle, and Havocs all around. The IG Blob is in the base. He puts down a bastion and some IG. But no one is on the ruff of the bastion… Interesting. 
First turn: So I rush to the middle to get the relic, and some Havocs and IG shoot his IG. One squad is almost dead. His daemons come. He gets the good part: Weaver and Screamers, but the Flamers mis-hap and go to reserve. The Screamers boost over to Weaver.

Turn two: Marbo comes! I put him on the bastion roof and throw the bomb. The bomb didn't do any damage to the Screamers. Alfred says, “That was your 65 points, biaaatch!” 

I pushed on to the Screamers with some Marines and a Spawn Lord unit and shot almost half of them. I failed the charge whit the Spawn Lord unit. 
Bastion command squad shoots Rhino 2, and now it's a wreck. His Screamers assault my Spawn Lord unit. The spawns kick ass. Alfred says, “This was not good.”
Weaver flies to the middle and starts to grill my Marines. Alfred's Vendettas come out to play.

Turn Three. I get Heldrake 1. Heldrake 1 vector strikes Weaver and makes a wound, as well as making it grounded. I shoot all auto cannons at the Weaver. It loses one wound. Some Marines charge Weaver to keep it down. Marbo is angry--he’s so angry that he melta bombs the bastion to a total collapse, killing him self and the Command squad inside! The Spawns and Lord kill the Screamers. He goes to hover mode with Vendetta 1 to shoot down my Heldrake 1. 
Flamers mis-hap and die… Plague Bearers deep strike on to my base.

Turn four. I get Heldrake 2 and a Vendetta. Heldrake 2 flies straight over to burn his base. My Vendetta shoots his Vendetta, doing two hull damage points. The Havocs shoot down the hovering Vendetta. Some IG fight the Plague Bearers. The Spawn Lord charges Weaver, and it dies. The Marines have the Relic. Some other Marines rush his base. 
Plague Bearers assault an IG Blob. The game is clear. 

Turn five: The Marines who got to the Relic go to the Rhino wreck and the Lord joins them. The Plague Bearers are dead, and I got his base. 20/0  for me. 

I was in third place, one point away from being second. If the Ork game would been five rounds, I would have had the points to go far. But this is this time. The new Chaos looks and feels nice. I love the Dirge Caster!   


  1. Good reading!

    Congratz to the glorious battles of your new list!


    1. Thank you. The descriptions where difficult to make. But now I have an approval! The Ally think needs. A small special weapon unit with flames to go in the Vendetta. The for the Chaos Lord I think the The Dimensional Key is good thing to try.

      I'm going to make more reports from tournaments. Next blog post is Painting commission Heldrakes step by step.

  2. Anonymous9/12/12 17:31

    makes great reading, really giving me some ideas for my own iron warriors, thanks!