Saturday, November 17, 2012

Painting commission Stompa

I got a painting commission to paint a Stompa for an Ork players who has a theme in mind. 
The pictures have been taken by my I phone 4, as i didn`t have the Nikon d90 at the time.
Pictures are from start to finish. I hope you can enjoy.

Boltgun metal and Sepia wash.

 Base paint. African tribe style white mask.

 Race car stripes made whit tape.

 Rust effect made by Vallejo Pigments and spray varnish.

 Metal highlights made by led pencil.

 Logo was made when I was drunk and a shovel and ax.

 Weapon rust made like my rifle in the army.

 Hardcore Goblin ready to go.

 The I phone camera... Not enough focus. But look at that horn!

 The rust damn I'm good. :)

Do you feel lucky? Punk.

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