Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Painting Commission Heldrake 1,2

Hi I’m Pete.
Painting Commission Heldrake 1,2
Today I’m going to show how to paint Iron Warriors Heldrakes.

First you need to have Chrome spray to base coat. I use Maston chrome spray. Shake it to make it super.

Next. Wash the models with Vallejo wash Lavabo Sepia. My special trick. Have the model dry on different angles to make it look more realistic.
Let gravity do its thing. The wash dries slow and can be “soft” after days. Don't freak out.

Time for some stripes. Use tape to mask the model and paint the yellow parts with base paint first.
Black is easier to fix.

Use Burnished gold for all the frames and edges. Play with the black and try out what looks nice. Don’t over do the black we are painting Iron warriors not Black Legion! Base coat the exhaust holes, bone, flesh, eyes and mouth with white to bring out the next colors. Paint the details how you like.

Wash the model with Vallejo black wash. After the black wash is dry, use your hard fibber oil brush or just a crap brush and just scrub the model. Bring back some of the chrome back and polish the edges. Paint the flesh, eyes and mouth with whatever you like. For the mouth I used purple GW wash. Watered down Dark angels green eyes. Commando khaki Flesh and watered down brown ink the bones.
Wash the flesh and bone with Ogryn flesh or Devlan mud. Scrub the flesh and bone when its dry. Add more colors to the scrubbed parts if you like. It's easy when you see it.

Now for some final touches. You don’t need the air brush for this. For the exhausts I used Vallejo Rojo Gory red. The color has a weird demonic feel. You can water it down and paint the on the base paint and when it's dry you can dry brush around. After it's done use red wash to make the color look even.


Now use Spay varnish matte and gloss. First the Gloss to make an oily and metallic look. And then repair all too shiny parts with matte varnish, be careful not to spray too thick.

If you use a flying stick. If you have dusty desert theme base like in Make a Base article you can make it look dusty. Spraying some matte varnish. If you don’t want this effect. you need to mask the stick.

Here you go. I hope you had fun with this. After this job, I bought two Heldrakes and I’m going to paint them the same way. The new Heldrakes are a must have for every Chaos player.
Some don’t like how they look, but the effect of Heldrakes Vector strike and firepower are so fun to use on loyalist scum. And for having a shit codex for six years, revenge tastes so sweet.
Use the Bale flamer and let the galaxy burn! 

Here is some D90 pics enjoy.