Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chaos Rising

Hi I’m Pete.
I’m a hardcore tournament player in Finland.  When I was 10 years old and playing with the loyalist armies of Tau, Sisters of Battle, and Space Marines, I did not have friends to play. I started my  tournament career to satisfy my killing thirst. My first army was the Tau, then The Sisters of Battle, and then Space Marines. I met a friend that started corrupting me, and my Space Marines started to turn … When the corruption was final and there was no return, I made my first pure Chaos army: the World Eaters.

After playing against many Iron warriors at tournaments, it was my turn to shoot back! I started Iron Warriors in the year 2003, but my army was ruined after a few years by the new Codex. However, I made a deal with the dark gods. I will continue my army to the maximum. I have everything!

After I got all the options in the Chaos arsenal, I started waiting and was ready for the future.  I can play even if the new Codexes try to ruin the powers of Chaos. At some point, I got depressed because of the bluntness of the codex. The options that you had in the book were so dull that I wanted excitement. I started on a Cyber Iron Warriors themed Chaos demon army, and I had lots of good and fun games. But the army is difficult to play, and takes lots of time when testing a new unit for tournament gaming. Finally, after five or six years of suffering, the new Codex had arrived!

I have been trying to get in to the Finish ETC team, and I have been summoned for a secret tournament where all my skills will be tested. I was told to have my army list ready for the Champion of the tournament by 18.11.2011. I had tree weeks time to prepare. But I was tested by the dark gods. I had a lot of stress and I fell from the mental punishment. I was in a week long fever, and I felt like shit when I got angry. I had to start the testing. I had one week left and I was in bad shape. For three days I tried to think of a list that will bring Chaos back to its glory. I tested armies like a madman and I think I have done it. So here is the list:          

PRIMARY DETACHMENT : Chaos Space Marines

HQ1 : Chaos Lord (65) veterans of the long war (5) mark of Khorne (10) 
Juggernaut of Khorne (35) axe of blind fury (35) sigil of corruption 25p melta bombs (5) (10) [180]

Troop1 : Chaos Space marines (75) 5 additional Chaos Space Marines (5*13) 1 flamer (5) 
1 meltagun (10) [155]
Troop2 : Chaos Space marines (75) 5 additional Chaos Space Marines (5*13) 1 flamer (5)  
1 meltagun (10) [155]

Fast1 : Chaos Spawn (30) 4 additional Chaos Spawn (120) [150]
Fast2 : Heldrake, baleflamer [170]
Fast3 : Heldrake, baleflamer [170]

HS1 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]
HS2 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]
HS3 : Havocs (75) 4 autocannons (4*10) [115]

Dedicated Transport:
Troop1 : Chaos Rhino (35) Dirge Caster (5) [40]
Troop2 : Chaos Rhino (35) Dirge Caster (5) [40]

HQ1: Company Command Squad (50) autocannon (10) officer of the fleet (30) [90] 

Troops1: Platoon Command Squad (30) ) autocannon (10) [40] 
Troops2: Guard Squad (50) autocannon (10) [60] 
Troops3: Guard Squad (50) autocannon (10) [60] 

Elite3: Guardsman Marbo [65] 

Fast1: Vendetta [130] 

TOTAL : [1850]

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